Busy people are always looking for ways to stay in touch while they're on the go, but it's dangerous for a driver to take her eyes off the road to read an email or tap out a text message. Pinger offers a safer way to communicate in the car—just call Pinger, say a contact's name, and speak your message!

Here, three busy people tell us why they use Pinger as a safer alternative to driving while texting:

The Small-Business Owner:

I'm constantly in the car driving between appointments. When I get a call to staff an event, I need to get in touch with all of my employees right away. Pinger is the best and safest solution to do so. I don't condone driving while texting—it's just unsafe.

Tannifer owns an Austin, TX based company which provides off-duty paramedics and EMTs to work as medical support at concerts, sporting events, movie sets, and private parties. When her clients make last minute requests, Tannifer uses Pinger to contact everyone on her team right away, no matter where they are, with just one phone call. "The biggest plus," Tannifer says, "is that I can send a Pinger while I'm in the car driving, without having to scroll through text on my Blackberry at each stop light just to make one call or text message one person."

The Hip Pastor:

I spend most of my time in the car shuttling between appointments with people, and Pinger has been a Godsend. Bob Hyatt is the pastor of a small church in Portland, OR that actually meets in a pub on Sunday mornings. Without a traditional building and office spaces, Pastor Bob is on the road most days driving to and from meetings with people, and before he found Pinger, he felt like he wasted much of those days sitting in traffic. Now Pastor Bob makes a list each morning of the people who he needs to contact that day, and then uses Pinger to work his way down the list while he's in the car. He doesn't want to put anyone in harm's way by driving while texting, which is why Pinger has been such a "Godsend."

The On-The-Go Mom:

I'm always driving the kids back and forth between school, soccer practice and home. With kids in the car I have to ensure everyone is safe, which is why I like Pinger.

So says Deana, a mother of two in San Jose. Deana spends several hours every day driving her 8 and 10-year old children and their friends to school, soccer games, ballet lessons and piano practice, and often needs to coordinate with other mothers or with her husband while she is in the car. "I'm especially safety conscious as a mom, and Pinger makes it easier to focus on the road while still getting things done."